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I have difficulty communicating and I think I could benefit from a speech device. What should I do?

First, find a speech-language pathologist (SLP)in your area that specializes in augmentative and alternative communication(AAC). Your doctor can help, or you can call us, and we can assist you with finding one in your area. Then, your SLP will complete an AAC evaluation that includes trialing different speech devices and software options to determine which one fits your communication needs.

What insurances do you take?

We partner with DME (Durable Medical Equipment)companies all over the United States. This allows us to take most if not all insurance plans.

What software options do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of software options to include symbol-based programs for our non-literate patients and texted based programs for our literate patients.

Do you offer mounting options?

We offer mounting solutions that include lightweight and robust systems for wheelchairs, beds, desks, tablets, etc.

Will your device work with someone who has physical limitations?

Yes, our speech devices will allow for various access methods (i.e., switches, eye gaze, head mouse, etc.).

What comes with a device purchase?

The devices come with a portable external speaker, stylus, lanyard, carrying case, shoulder strap for your device, a car charger, and a wall charger.

What do I do if something is wrong with my device?

Please contact your DME company that supplied the device. You can see a list of our DME partners on our website.

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