Everyone deserves to have a voice

At RM Speech we provide communication through technology to allow all voices to be heard.

Our Mission

At RM Speech, we provide communication through technology to allow all voices to be heard. Communication difficulties are hard enough to navigate, so we manufacture a speech generating device that is customized to meet all your needs. Utilizing a team approach, with speech-language pathologists on staff, we are able to support you and your treating speech-language pathologist through the entire process including, but not limited to support with evaluations, insurance, physician communication, and patient/caregiver training. We believe that everyone deserves a voice and a way to communicate with the world around them. We take pride in supporting this goal.  

"Working with RM Speech to get AAC devices funded for our clients has been nothing short of quick and easy! The consultants are responsive and always willing to help with answering questions and every part of the process. In addition, they have made the paperwork process for us as SLPs brief and thorough to ensure all of the necessary information is included but not time consuming with our schedules. We have been able to get AAC devices funded and into the hands of our clients in a matter of weeks! We appreciate RM Speech making this process fast and efficient for us and giving so many of our clients a way to communicate! "

Rachel & Susan
STAR Behavior Consultants

“As an SLP RM has made my job so much easier! Kerri has helped with all of the parts of the funding process. I appreciate the education and the assistance that RM Speech provides to me as an SLP and to my families.”

John Carter
CEO at Company

“Ashley has been so helpful in making the process of obtaining a speech generating device more efficient for both the SLP’s and families! She is always just a quick text away when we need support with the device or process. Thank you Ashley and RM!”

Jacqueline Yokley CCC-SLP
In Harmony Pediatric Therapy

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