What is AAC?

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At RM speech, we specialize in speech-generating devices (SGD). SGDs are hand-held electronic devices that provide an auditory output of words, phrases, sentences, etc. The benefit of an SGD is the audio feedback that they provide an individual. This helps them say and play with words. In return, the individual will be able to learn new words, express wants/needs, and their listeners will be able to know exactly what they are trying to convey. Most SGDs are touchscreen. For those who are physically unable to use the touchscreen, we offer alternative access methods such as, eye-gaze, head mouse, switches, etc. Speech-generating devices are powerful and can allow everyone to have a voice!

The team behind our firm

AAC stands for Augmentative and Alternative Communication. It is a term that we can use to describe different ways of communicating. When someone is unable to verbally speak, the individual could utilize AAC to express their wants/needs. AAC includes a variety of nonverbal communication systems that vary from sign language, picture board systems, and even speech-generating devices!

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