The Nuvo speech-generating device is a medical device that allows users with severe speech impairments to let their voices be heard! Many AAC software options are available on the Nuvo device and multiple voice options for adults and children. The user’s voice comes through loud and clear thanks to Nuvo’s powerful amplified speaker system!

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Weight: 3.1 pounds

Screen Size: 10.2" (2169x1620)

Highly Portable & Durable: The Nuvo is encased in a water resistant, military-grade shockproof case that is designed to withstand repeated drops. It houses a rotating hand strap and multi-angle kickstand. Weighing 3.1 pounds, the Nuvo is highly portable.

Multiple Access Options: The Nuvo has multiple access methods including direct touch, assistive touch, single switch, multiple switches, and autoscanning. Custom made keyguards are also available.

Mounting: Multiple mounting options are available including lightweight and robust systems for wheelchairs, beds, desks, tables, and more.

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