The Inspire speech-generating device is a medical device that allows users with severe speech impairments to let their voices be heard! The user’s voice comes through loud and clear with the option of multiple access methods such as eye gaze, head mouse, and switch access to name a few.

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The Inspire is a medical device that allows users with a variety of speech impairments have access to verbal communication. It utilizes a Windows Operating System with an advanced symbol and text based communication software called Grid 3.

Weight: 4. lbs

Screen Size: 10.1" (1920 x 1200)

Highly Portable and Durable: The Inspire is one of the toughest dedicated speech generating device on the market. It is a water resistant, military-grade shockproof device designed to withstand repeated drops. Weighing 4 pounds, the Inspire is highly portable.

Multiple Access Options: The Inspire has multiple access methods including direct touch, assistive touch, single switch, multiple switches, head mouse, and eye gaze.

Mounting: Multiple mounting options are available including lightweight and robust systems for wheelchairs, beds, desks, tables, and more.

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