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Nuvo Speech Generating Device 

Your choice of Heavy Duty case or Light- weight case 
Many communication software options  


The Nuvo is a fully operating speech generating device meeting Medicare requirements and verified by PDAC. It is able to produce clear, loud, and articulated synthesized speech in the noisiest of environments when verbal speech is not a functional option. It also comes with a wireless and wearable portable external speaker to let your voice be heard. 

The Nuvo is lightweight, sleek, dependable, and adaptable. The Nuvo supports both English and Spanish symbol- supported AAC software. It is extremely portable and comes ready to go with an included padded carrying case. The Nuvo is customizable with a front and rear facing camera to create personalized icons to meet all your wants and needs. 

Who can use the Nuvo? 

All ages. All disabilities. 

The Nuvo is useful for individuals of all ages and is suitable for conditions such as ALS, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Expressive Language Delay, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, intellectual disabilities, and Dementia just to name a few. By offering multiple communication software solutions, the Nuvo can accommodate all users. 


The Nuvo is built utilizing the latest iOS technology while integrating the durability that users need. It utilizes a blazing fast dual core processor and projects images onto a crystal clear high definition display. Additionally, the Nuvo has super fast and reliable 32GB solid state hard drive so you can store your custom icon pictures. It has multiple communication software options. This is included and your choice with each purchased device. 

Warranty: 3 year warranty covers normal use. Drops, hits, and liquid damage is excluded.