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Inspire Speech Generating Device 


The Inspire is a fully operating speech generating device meeting Medicare requirements and verified by PDAC. It is able to produce clear, loud, and articulated synthesized speech in adult or pediatric voice output options when verbal speech is not a functional option. It also comes with a wireless and wearable portable external speaker to let your voice be heard. The Inspire will also provide multiple methods of access including eye gaze easily mounted to fit anyone's needs. The Inspire is extremely versatile and durable, built with military grade components, yet portable with an included carrying case. 

Who can use the Inspire? 

All ages. All disabilities. 


The Inspire is useful for individuals of all ages and is suitable for conditions such as: ALS, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Expressive Language Delay, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, intellectual disabilities, and Dementia just to name a few. By offering a versatile communication software, the Inspire can accommodate all users. 


The Inspire is built utilizing the latest Intel Core M Processors Windows operating system with the military grade durability users need. It is lightweight at only 2.65lbs and easy to carry with the integrated ergonomic handle. The Inspire is MIL-STD-8810G Certified with 128GB of storage and comes with the Grid 3 software with convenience of shareable and customizable grids and progressive language capability. Within the Grid 3 software there are many grid set options to accommodate any user. The Inspire also has multiple access methods including eye gaze capability. 

Eye Gaze

The Eye Gaze camera is an eye-operated communication and control system that empowers people with disabilities to communicate and interact with the world. By looking at the control keys or cells displayed on the screen, a user can generate speech either by typing a message a selecting pre-programmed icons. With simple USB connection to the Inspire, the eye gaze camera provides accurate eye tracking and cursor control. An elegant by robust solution for all individuals, whether learning early eye gaze skills or accessing all areas of the device at speed. 

Warranty: 3 year warranty covers normal use. Drops, hits, and liquid damage is excluded.